Bella Medical Spa, Tempe, AZ: Microneedling, Facial Scar Removal, Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatments

Bella Medical Spa, Tempe, Arizona
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Bella Medical Spa Tempe Arizona with Nurse Practitioner Karla Cabrera: Microneedling, Facial Scar Removal, Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatments
Nurse Practioner Karla Cabrera, FNP-C
Bella Medspa, Tempe, AZ

Rediscover your inner beauty and confidence, with the assurance of personalized care and a renewed outcome.

Since 2018, Nurse Practioner (NP) Karla is a master in …

  • treating trigeminal neuralgia, 5th nerve facial pain
  • skin pen microneedling
  • scar removal: pimples, burns, botched procedures
  • balancing facial asymmetry
  • aesthetic injections
  • facial trauma repair

… with minimal downtime.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

NP Karla specializes in scar removal, facial trauma repair, and improving your natural beauty.

Chemical Peels

Jeuveau / Botox

Platelet Rich Plasma


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Medical Director & Nurse Injector Training

At Karla NP coverage as a Medical Director and Private Nurse Injector Training – personalized to your needs.

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Karla NP performing non-surgical options for enhancing lips and relaxing unwanted forehead wrinkles

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