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Asymmetrical Facial Treatment History: Complex Patient with Bell’s Palsy Cranial Nerve 7 (Facial Nerve)

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A patient came to us with a smaller cheek on one side, a deeper smile line, a downturned lip corner, and chin asymmetry. She experienced Bell’s Palsy during her last pregnancy, and the effects didn’t fully go away even after treatment. After almost a decade of dealing with these facial issues, she decided to seek help from an aesthetic injector and found me through a mutual friend. She mentioned that stress worsened her asymmetry, and losing weight made the facial volume loss more noticeable. Her sensation on the affected side never returned to normal, and people often asked her about her face. I evaluated that severe life stressors during pregnancy likely triggered her Bell’s Palsy, and possibly incomplete or delayed treatment led to lasting effects.

Jeuveau & Facial Filler

As a certified nurse injector, I helped improve her facial asymmetry caused by Bell’s Palsy. We started with Jeuveau to relax the opposite side and balance her facial expressions. Later, we used hyaluronic acid filler for her temple, cheek, smile line, and chin muscle. After her appointment, she was pleased with the results and asked, “What’s next?”

Lip Filler – The Nurse Lip Injector

She decided to enhance her lips and smile lines next. We scheduled another appointment for lip filler and pyriform fossa filler four weeks later, after her initial areas had healed. She called me “the nurse lip injector.”

Lifting PDO Threads – Mint PDO Threads

Six weeks later, I recommended Lifting PDO Threads for one side of her face. She was happy with the progress but understood that the affected side would look more asymmetric for two to three weeks due to the threads. This required trust, and I advised her to avoid seeing negative people during this time. She trusted the process, and her facial symmetry improved significantly. She was so happy with the results that she cried and hugged me.

What’s Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is a condition affecting the facial nerve, controlling facial muscles, taste, and tear production. The patient had muscle atrophy on one side due to Bell’s Palsy during her last pregnancy, and the effects didn’t fully go away. After almost ten years of dealing with these issues, she found me through a mutual friend to help her improve her facial symmetry.

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