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Botox and Dysport - Bella Medical Spa Arizona
  • Visible bumps may be seen at the injection sites. These are normal and may last up to a few hours.
  • Jeauveau/Botoxt will start to work in 2 to 7 days and peak in about 2 weeks. Please note, if additional product is needed, it will not be injected until 14 days after your initial injections. Results last 3 to 4 months on average.
  • Do not lie down for 4 hours post injections (no bending over during this time).
  • Do not massage the treated areas on the day of treatment.
  • Do not do strenuous exercise or any other activity that may elevate your core body temperature for 48 hours following your injections.
  • Do not get a massage, do microdermabrasion, or any other activity that may manipulate the muscles of the face for 48 hours.
  • If forehead was treated, do not wear hats or headbands for 48 hours.
  • You may cleanse your face normally this evening, but please do not massage the injected area. If you routinely use a Clarisonic brush, do not use tonight.  Also, do not use any abrasive exfoliants or scrubs.
  • Bruising may be seen. This happens in a small percentage of treatments but will not affect your treatment results. There also may be some discomfort associated with it. Bruising should resolve within one week. The use of Arnica Montana (available at health food stores) may help with bruising. It is available both topically (as a gel/cream) or orally.
  • Cosmetics, moisturizers, lotions may be used the next day, but do not apply extreme pressure or do anything that may cause discomfort.
  • Exercising the muscles in the treated area may help the product get into the muscle faster, but has no effect on the overall efficacy of the treatment (You can “make faces” up to 10 times per hour for the first few hours after treatment).
  • Headaches may be a possible side effect. OTC (Over-The-Counter) Ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be used as needed as directed on the package.
  • Sensitive or blurry vision is possible for 2 to 3 days post-treatment. Wear sunglasses and moisturize eyes with moisturizing OTC eye drops as directed on the package.
  • Flu-like symptoms are rare, but may last 2 to 3 days. Fluids, rest, and OTC Tylenol/Motrin may be used as directed on the package.
  • Call/text me immediately if you experience any symptoms or problems other than those listed above.
  • If you have any trouble with breathing, swallowing, or speaking after having Botox/Dysport injections, or if your symptoms feel life threatening, call 911 or your local emergency number.Jeauveau/Botox
Karla Cabrera

Karla Cabrera

FNP-C, Medical Director

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