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Medical Grade Microneedling Pre & Post-care:

Do not do any medical grade aesthetic treatment while pregnant or ill. Before your appointment, Karla NP recommends to complete a pregnancy test before each aesthetic treatment if there is the slightest possibility that you might be pregnant.

Preparing for your Microneedling treatment:

  • Bring a hat with you for your appointment. This is essential because you need to avoid sunlight and cannot put on sunscreen yet!
  • You will need to plan this treatment when you are sure you can avoid any sun exposure for one week.
  • After the treatment, you will have some redness/swelling that can last up to 24 hours.
  • The day of treatment you will not be able to put makeup on, so please plan accordingly.
  • Please contact me prior to your appointment if you have any of the following conditions: Autoimmune disorder, porphyria, facial cancer, communicable diseases, cold sores (an antiviral may be given prior to treatment), liver disease, blood disorder, hepatitis, on anticoagulation therapy, or may be pregnant. These may be contraindications to receiving the treatment.
  • If you are taking a blood thinner, fish oil, aspirin, or any other medication, and you have the tendency to bleed easily, please tell me. If you are under a physician’s care and need to discontinue your medication for a few days, always ask your physician prior to each microneedling treatment. It is recommend not drinking any alcoholic beverages 24 hour prior to microneedling to decrease bruising.
  • Having a chemical peel or microdermabrasion two weeks prior to your microneedling treatment will help to soften and exfoliate the epidermis and help your skin produce natural collagen reproduction, which will make your treatments more effective. This is NOT required.

After your appointment:

  • Wear a hat to avoid sun exposure post-treatment. You should keep your skin free of any makeup or additional products not applied after the treatment for a minimum of 12 hours. Please take extra precautions to guard against sun exposure immediately following microneedling, as you may be more sensitive the first 48 hours following the treatment. To achieve the best results and to protect your skin, sunscreen is recommended as part of your everyday skincare routine.
  • Wait to wash your face until tonight, use a mild/hypoallergenic cleanser. Do not use skin exfoliants or scrubs for 10-14 days after treatment.
  • Whenever your face feels tight, apply the HA gel if applicable. You may also apply grapeseed oil.
  • You may ice if you feel swollen, 15 minutes on 15 minutes off.
  • It is recommended to avoid Ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatories.
  • You must wear sunscreen for a week following your treatment and avoid direct sun exposure. Failure to do this may result in hyperpigmentation. No heat exposure (hot tubs, saunas, steam, or excessive exercise) is recommended for a minimum 48 hours after treatment. Please avoid bathtubs, pool, beach, jacuzzi time 48 hours after microoneedling.
  • Please clean anything that may come in contact with your face (phones, glasses) with alcohol pads and change your pillowcase tonight.  Please keep your face or treatment area(s) as clean as possible to lessen breakouts and reduce your risk of infection to the treated area(s).

General Information:

    • Potential side effects may include: Redness, swelling, burning, and skin sensitivity.  This could last 1-3 days. If you feel that you are having a problem, please call the office, so that I may assist you.
    • Edema (swelling) is expected immediately post treatment and generally resolves within 24 hours, but can persist longer. There may be some mild to moderate peeling of the skin noticed after microneedling.
    • You may experience a significant redness in the treatment area(s) for up to 3-7 days after treatment. This redness may persist longer in treatment area(s) other than the face.
    • As with any treatments, the response, results, and healing after a microneedling treatment varies with each individual and a specific outcome is not guaranteed.
    • If you have any trouble with breathing, swallowing, or speaking after having microneedling, or if your symptoms feel life threatening, call 911 or your local emergency number.

    Thank you for choosing me as your aesthetic provider!

    Questions? Concerns? Check your medication list? Please do not hesitate to email me or text me.

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