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Filler - Bella Medical Spa Arizona


BELLA Medspa uses facial fillers made of hyaluronic acid to contour wrinkles, hydrate lips, improve scar depressions, and smooth creases and folds…

Botox Dysport - Bella Medical Spa Arizona


Interested in softening fine lines and wrinkles? Your BELLA aesthetic provider will walk you through how Botox/Dysport works and create a customized…

Microneedling - Bella Medical Spa Arizona


Let’s do medical grade microneedling (way deeper than 0.5 mm) to your face to stimulate your own collagen, tighten your skin, minimize pore size, improve…

PDO Threads Bella Medical Spa Arizona

PDO Threads

Are you interested in PDO threads for a cheek, brow, smile line, neck, or jaw non-surgical lift? Our PDO thread consultations are focused on…

Peels - Bella Medical Spa Arizona


A true BELLA experience where medically driven results meet patient expectations. VI Peel® (medium depth chemical peel) is specifically…

Platlet Rich Plasma - Bella Medical Spa Arizona

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP or “Liquid Gold” (the famous name) is the perfect solution to promote tissue restoration within the body. The patient’s blood is drawn…

Skin Self Love Extras - Bella Medical Spa Arizona

Skin Self-Love & Extras

Maintain the results of your injectable treatments by applying a high-quality sun block with the right SPF for your skin type, such as EltaMD tinted or clear sunscreen…